First Impressions Count

Studies show you have less than 30 seconds to engage your prospect. Grab their attention quickly, peak their interest or lose them forever. Rarely is there a second chance.

Why Peak Your Listener’s Interest?

If you want that next meeting, then you must communicate your offer together in a way that causes your prospect to want to know more. That’s what an effective elevator pitch does.

Networking groups teach elevator pitches. Books and articles offer templates. But that’s no guarantee that your message and especially how it is delivered will…

Get That Next Meeting

You may have exactly what your prospect needs and wants but the opportunity is quickly lost with an unfocused pitch. You may have all the right words. However, research shows it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that can…

Attract More Qualified Prospects

But frankly, few have the skill, time and attention to build a “knock em’ dead” pitch that gets that next meeting. Most of us are too busy doing what we do. And yet we know that…

Message Delivery Matters

Enter Your Power Pitch™ designed to help busy professionals, sales people, business owners, decision makers and even staff members who must…

Cut Through the Clutter and Get to the Point Fast

When you are looking to give your prospects a reason to find out more about your products and services Your Power Pitch™ is a proven delivery method to enhance…

  1. Confidence and clarity conveying ideas

  2. Consistency peaking prospect’s interests

  3. Success getting the next meeting or presentation

Bottom-line is that Your Power Pitch™ helps you to come across more clearly, credibly and offer convincing reasons for your prospect to engage beyond your initial contact. In fact your well-honed…

Power Pitch™ Opens Doors to New Opportunities

You’re skilled. Probably an expert or authority in what you do. When opportunity knocks, you literally have seconds to grab attention, hold interest and move ahead.

Finally, here’s a proven method to help you improve success odds. For more information about Your Power Pitch™ Coaching and Seminars…

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In many cases you have less than 30 seconds to engage your prospect. Grab their attention quickly or lose them forever. Second chances come rarely.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

You step onto the elevator and suddenly realize the person you’ve been trying to get a meeting with is standing next to you. You have seconds before he or she is gone. What do you say to get their attention? Do you wing it and hope for the best? The prepared deserve to be successful. A well-crafted and rehearsed “elevator pitch” serves you anytime you have but seconds to make a first good impression.

Download Your Power Pitch™ Success Tips

  1. How to peak your listen’s interests and get that next meeting

  2. Develop and/or refine your elevator pitch

  3. How to prepare for maximum pitch delivery

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